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Orlando Bloom...Sean Biggerstaff...Christian Coulson...Ioan Gruffudd...Hugh Dancy

Find out about the guys that make Liz and Bianca (and about a million other girls) swoon!

Welcome to HOT BRITISH BOYS, the site where tweens and teens alike flock to admire those certain fine male specimens that grace the silver screen and send our hearts a flutter. More specifically, Orlando Bloom, Sean Biggerstaff, Christian Coulson, Ioan Gruffudd and recently Hugh Dancy.
And just who are the fine females who have brought this site to the world wide web? Why, Liz and Bianca (no last name necessary... we're like Cher and Madonna... except younger). Liz and Bianca are two young women who find these actors simply delightful... and who had a sudden inspiration to dedicte a website to their greatness. Well... the site was all Bianca's idea, but really, what would Bianca be without Liz? I mean, without Liz she would just be pitiful and empty.... kind of like Stacy. (Just kidding Stacy, you know we worship you). In any event, Liz and Bianca will update this site every know and again, bringing you more HOT BRITISH greatness.
(And please... try not to drool on the keybord). 

Orlando Bloom

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* HOT BRITISH BOYS is in no way affiliated with either Orlando Bloom, Sean Biggerstaff, Christian Coulson or Ioan Gruffudd or Hugh Dancy. This site is not authorized, it is purely a fan site.*

Please Note:
If any of the stuff you read on this site leaves ya thinkin......hey I'm reasonably sure I wrote that then e-mail us......let us know we will give you credit for it.......certain persons on this website who shall remain nameless have a tendency to cut and paste!

I know he's not British but he plays a British guy
So really it all works out!!


I am a Vartan Ho!! GO ME!!
Yes I know he isn't British but Alias still rules!!