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Orlando Bloom

He's Bloomin Marvellous, Bloomin sexy and he has a cool name! He's ORLANDO BLOOM!!!


This page is dedicated to that sexy lad (see I'm using British slang ain't I clever?) who starred in those movies about a Lord of a Ring or some such nonsense.......who can pay attention to the plot of the movie when Orlando(as sexy elf Legolas) is doing that cool jumping on the horse thing, or that surfing on the shield thing! Anywhoo enjoy the Bloomingness of this page! (see theres that cool name stuff again)

For more purdy Orlando pictures(like the bloomin sexy one below)check out the Gallery!!!


Bloomin Wonderful Films he's starred in or about to star in!
  The Return of the King *

     Pirates of the Caribbean *

     The Two Towers

     Troy *

Ned Kelly *

The Calcium Kid *

Lullaby in Clubland *

The Fellowship of the Ring

     Black Hawk Down


   (* = Not yet released)

17 Facts about Orlando Bloom (from 17 magazine I would imagine)

Pointy ears, weird blond hair and all, this 25-year-old Brit is bloomin' gorgeous!

Named after: the hero/heroine in Virginia Woolf's novel 'Orlando: A Biography'

Nickname: Orli

Awards: Won the 2002 MTV Movie Award for 'Breakthrough Male'

Upcoming films: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King -- Legolas Greenleaf (2003)

The Pirates of the Carribean, (2003), an action/adventure film with Johnny Depp

First job: Orlando was a clay trapper at a pigeon shooting range when he was 13.

Siblings: His sister Samantha is 2 years older than him.

Parents: His father, Harry Bloom, died when Orlando was 4. He was a legendary figure in antiapartheid circles in South Africa who worked alongside Nelson Mandela. (sidenote from Liz...thought you'd appreciate this one)

Favorite color: yellow

Languages he speaks: French, English

Pets: A dog named Maude

Favorite food: Orlando is a vegetarian and stays away from dairy products.

Habits: He used to smoke, but recently quit and now he bites his nails.

Hobbies: surfing, skiing, snowboarding, skydiving and photography, bungee jumping(he bungee jumped five times during The Lord of the Rings)

Girlfriends: Dated his "Lullaby of Clubland" girlfriend Joanne Morley (1996), until she left him for André Schneider (1997). It was rumored that he was briefly engaged to model Jemma Kidd. In an interview Orlando only said "I won't admit or deny anything. Makes me more interesting."

Tattoos: In addition to the Elvish tattoo shared by his LOTR costars, Orlando also has a tattoo of the sun on his torso that he got when he was 15.

What inspired his career choice: At the age of nine, Orlando had a crush on a girl. He thought he could win her over if he could fly like Superman. When he found out that Superman was an actor, he decided that acting was for him!

Who knew: He's a klutz! He has broken his back (falling out a window), his ribs (after falling off a horse during LOTR), his nose, both legs, an arm, a wrist, a finger and a toe and cracked his skull three times


Orlando's Favorite Stuff

Plus all that fun stuff like his b-day and other tasty tidbits!


Quick Facts:
Full name: Orlando Bloom
Date of Birth: 13th January 1977
Birthplace: Canterbury, Kent, England
Nationality: South African
Lives: LA, but still has a home in England
Chinese Astrology Sign:
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'11
Hair: Dark brown, naturally wavy
Eyes Dark brown
Siblings: 1 older sister - Samantha
Pets: A dog named
Hobbies: Photography, sculpting

Odd things that we shouldnt really know about him and yet we do......

+ His first job was as a clay-trapper at a pigeon shooting range

+ He recently gave up smoking and has resorted to biting his nails

+ Orlando was dyslexic as a child - he says he is still "mildly dyslexic"

+ He enjoys all kinds of music, espeically folk-style musicians like Ben Harper, David Gray and Bob Dylan

+ Orlando has said if he wasn't an actor he would be a sculptor. He recently said he was planning on getting a studio where he could scuplt in his spare time

+ He can speak French

+ His favourite colour is yellow

+ Orlando has been so busy lately that he hasn't had time to buy a home yet. While filming Pirates of the Caribbean he lived in an apartment provided by the production company

+ He has two tattoos - the elven-script on his forearm and a sun on his lower torso

+ Since filming LOTR he has given up on dairy products and red meat. He says portraying an ethereal character like Legolas made him have a healthier outlook

+ His first car was an old green VW Golf. He says, "I wish I still had it. I loved that car."

+ His first Hollywood crush was Dynasty star Linda Evans

+ His first concert was 'Jamiroquai' in his hometown of Canterbury

+ His first CD was 'Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians' and his first 45" was 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson

Some Blooming Great Quotes(I'm having far to much fun with this)!!!

"Legolas' moves are smooth and elegant, like a's very balletic. It's also bloody hard to do without falling over!" Orlando Bloom
I was suggesting to Peter yesterday he should insert some love interest for Gandalf in a later one. He suggested Galadriel... I said, no, I was thinking more of someone like Legolas. -- Sir Ian McKellen

I'll take it. It sounds good to me. -- Orlando on being called The Sexy Elf

Because he's a very pretty boy, and, you know, its all men there.... -- Jason Isaacs on why Orlando had to go to Boot Camp for Black Hawk Down

Passionate. -- Peter Jackson describing Orlando

On Rings, if you were short you were cast as a Hobbit, and if you were tall you were cast as a human, and if you were kind of weird and mousy looking, you were cast as an elf. -- Orlando on the casting of LOTR

It doesn't matter Leggy Lulu works great. Pointy-eared-bow-twanger works too!
-- Orlando

Looking for someone? -- Orlando's one line from Wilde

I'm a doll. Isn't that great? I'm a doll! You know he's only asking, he's only trying to get that open so...he wants me to play with myself. -- Orlando on So Graham Norton

Vig used to call me Elf boy, and Id call him filthy human. As an Elf, I never got a scratch on me, never got dirty. And Vig would come out with blood a sweat all over him. And hed say to me Oh, go manicure your nails.

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