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Hugh Dancy


Hugh is the latest edition to the HBB site... he's intensly good looking (obviously), has a smile to die for, and incredible speaking voice that will leave you breathless... and, like Christian Coulson, he also has brains-- he studied English Literature and Language at Oxford! What more could a girl ask for?

  • Shooting Dogs (2005)- Film (filming...): Joe
  • King Arthur (2004)- Film: Galahad
  • Ella Enchanted (2004)- Film: Prince Charmont a.k.a "Char"
  • Tempo(2003)- Film: Jack
  • The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)- Film: John Truscott
  • Daniel Deronda (2002) TV mini-series: Daniel Deronda
  • Black Hawk Down (2001)- Film: SFC Kurt Schmid
  • Young Blades (2001)-TV: D'Artagnan (French title:  La Jeunesse des Trois Mousquetaires)
  • Madame Bovary (2000)- TV: Leon
  • David Copperfield (2000)- TV: David Copperfield
  • Trial and Retribution II (1998)- TV mini-series: Roberto Bellini

Attended Oxford University where he got a degree in English Literature and Language
Speaks fluent French
Height: 5'11

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